#43 Sommeren2016

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Turns from:
21.08.2016 09:00 (GMT+1)

Turns end:
02.10.2016 09:00 (GMT+1)


Turn interval:
60 minutes

Users online:

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About PlanetMafia

PlanetMafia is brand spanking new multiplayer textbased game with turnbased gameplay. Each turn is 1 hour, which you get resources, battle progress, purchase orders and so on. One game round usually lasts up to 1 month.

You can build factories, casinos, buy gangsters, workers and attack enemies with your friends. To become successfull you will need to be active and participate ingame also on a social level to coordinate attacks and defence with your ingame family.

The game got no cap limit for amount of attackers/defenders, meaning the more players playing active the more action you get. Your primary income is from casinos so remember to protect them well!

This game is developed by 3 half humans/half cyborgs from Trondheim, Norway on our sparetime! If you want to help us out dont hesitate contacting us on crew AT planetmafia.net